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The ORB SPA® is the world's first battery operated sonic massaging, exfoliating and water saving shower head, designed to give you the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience.
  •  Deep Cleansing
  •  Improves Cellulite
  •  Increases Bloodflow
  •  Increases Lotion Absorbance
  •  Exfoliates & Hydrates
  •  Stimulates Skin Cells
See what Jane Lewis, the founder of The Skin To Love Clinic, has to say about the wonders of the ORB SPA® shower head. 
Discover The Orb Spa Product Range
ORB SPA® Complete
Everything you need to transform your shower experience.
ORB SPA® SoftWater
For those of you who live in a hard water area. Helps reduce limescale.
ORB SPA® Vibra
More than one user? Buy an extra Vibra to go in your ORB SPA®
Every ORB SPA® comes with a free stainless steel shower hose.
AA batteries included.
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How It Works
The ORB SPA® is a shower head that includes a removable sonic massaging unit. Simply press the on/off button to activate the sonic vibrating feature. Press again and the vibration strength increases further with three different intensities. This unit is powered by 3 AA batteries that are enclosed in a waterproof body.

There are two brushes on either side of the ORB SPA® sonic unit. The larger one is designed to be used while showering which allows for the water to wash away impurities released by the massage. The smaller surface can be used on the face and for more delicate areas. This sonic massaging unit can be easily removed from the shower head and used outside of the bathroom as part of your daily health and beauty routine.
Deep Cleansing
Stimulates Skin Cells
Increases Lotion Absorbance
Exfoliates and Hydrates
Increases Blood Flow
Improves Cellulite
Deep Cleansing
Stimulates Skin Cells
Increases Lotion Absorbance
Exfoliates and Hydrates
Increases Blood Flow
Improves Cellulite
"When I was first introduced to the concept of the ORB SPA® I saw the benefits straight away. The water softening is great if you have irritable skin and the exfoliating effects are extremely convenient, allowing you to apply your creams straight out of the shower."

Jane Lewis, Nurse and MD of The Skin To Love Clinic
Your 'At Home' Spa
The revolutionary massaging, exfoliating shower head.
The ORB SPA® brings that refreshing spa-like skin care experience to your own shower. You'll be amazed by the results that the ORB SPA delivers time after time. Showering will never be the same.
No matter your skin type, the ORB SPA® is for you.
One of the greatest things about the ORB SPA® is that it has been designed with your skin in mind. It's suited for every skin type to deliver a deep cleansing, exfoliating and stimulating experience. 
Professional results in your home.
It's not just the spa-like experience that the ORB SPA® delivers in the comfort of your own home, it's the professional results too. With the ORB SPA®, you really are getting something which does what it claims.
Your Skin Will Love It
A combination of water massage and exfoliation.
The combined cleansing and massaging properties of the ORB SPA® have the ability to clean out dirt and toxins, leaving your skin revitalised and healthy. It can remove dead skin cells to promote the production of new skin cells with stronger elastin and collagen contents. The ORB SPA® is a great product to help treat conditions like acne and blemishes on the skin and to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and signs of ageing.
100% Convenient
The ORB SPA® is built with convenience and practicality in mind. That's why it runs on AA batteries which come included with every purchase.
Increases Pressure, Saves Water.
Did you know that the ORB SPA® can reduce the amount of water you use by 45% and increase the pressure of your shower.

Well, it can thanks to our patented water-saving 
Aircore Technology. Aircore Technology boosts the power of your shower and reduces water consumption and with the built-in flow regulator, an even flow of water is delivered, whatever the bar pressure of your shower.
Also Comes In Soft
The ORB SPA® Soft shower heads feature a unique combination of metals concealed within the handle. These metals cause an electrochemical catalytic reaction neutralising the ability for calcium to form as limescale. The unique alloy shape increases the velocity of water and turbulence preventing minerals from building up.

Hardness minerals are taken out of the solution increasing the solubility of water, resulting in a better showering experience for skin and hair which means less dryness, itching and frizz.
The Science In SoftWater Technology
Our SoftWater Technology increases the solubility of hard water leading to better lathering with soaps, improved cleaning abilities and a better shower experience. The ORB SPA® SoftWater alters the crystal structure of calcium carbonate preventing it from depositing as hard scale so your skin feels better and your shower stays cleaner.
Normal Hard Water Feed
Our Built-In SoftWater Technology
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